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5 accused of being involved in Arizona escort agency

Five people were recently taken into custody for allegedly operating an escort business in Arizona. Court documents indicate that the charges resulted from an investigation that began in 2013 and took months complete.

The investigation reportedly began on April 30, 2013. According to officers, one of the accused, a 40-year-old man, was allegedly using a limousine company as a cover for an escort agency. They claim that proceeds garnered through prostitution were financing the agency. Undercover detectives reportedly placed a number of calls to the escort agency between April 2013 and September 2014 in order to arrange deals.

18-year-old Arizona man charged in shooting that killed 1

An 18-year-old Arizona man who was accused of being involved in a shooting that left one person dead was taken into police custody on Sept. 3. According to the report, the incident occurred in the parking lot of a Taco Loco Grill located near the intersection of First Avenue and Fort Lowell Road on Aug. 29.

Immediately following the shooting, the injured man was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Detectives say that the 18-year-old was responsible for the shooting, though the report did not state why they suspected him. A felony warrant for the man was issued. He was taken into custody following a traffic stop that occurred near the intersection of North Castro and West Kelso without incident on the morning of Sept. 3. At the time the report was released, he remained in custody after being charged with first-degree murder.

Man detained after multiple thefts at woman's home

Police have charged a 29-year-old man with the burglary of an Arizona home and say that he may be responsible for at least one other burglary at the residence. The homeowner has been living elsewhere due to a hoarding problem that left the house uninhabitable, and volunteers have been cleaning out and renovating the Maryvale house for her.

The first burglary occurred on Aug. 17. In that case, copper piping was taken from the woman's air conditioning. On Aug. 24, the house was burgled a second time. This time, around $1,000 in personal possessions belonging to the woman were stolen. Following the second incident, police were asked to occasionally patrol the property. On Aug. 26 around 7 a.m., officers allegedly found the man in the backyard with more copper piping. They also claim that he was stealing locks. The man fled, but officers caught him.

Arizona man accused of kidnapping and assaulting ex-girlfriend

An Arizona man was taken into police custody on Aug. 16 after he was accused of assaulting and kidnapping an ex-girlfriend. According to the report, authorities were alerted after a driver called 911. The motorist was reportedly waived down by the woman on Highway 180 after the alleged incident.

When the authorities questioned the woman, she claimed that she was in the downtown area of Flagstaff when the accused man pulled up beside her and allegedly ordered her to get into his car. When she attempted to leave the vehicle, she stated that the man physically assaulted her and bound her before driving to a nearby location where he allegedly sexually assaulted her. Additionally, she claimed that he was in possession of a handgun. She told authorities that she was able to leave after the man fell asleep.

Heroin laws in Arizona

The state of Arizona is known for having particularly tough laws regarding the possession of and the selling of heroin. Depending upon the person's criminal past, even simple possession could result in a lengthy prison sentence and an expensive fine. Consequences for trafficking or selling of heroin can be even more severe.

Under Arizona law, possession of heroin is a Class 4 felony. Thus, the consequences are automatically assumed to be a minimum of two years and six months in prison. However, the drug charge can be potentially changed to a Class 1 misdemeanor depending upon the street value of the amount the person was accused of being in possession of. The selling of heroin is considered to be a Class 3 felony while trafficking heroin is a Class 2 felony. Both of these charges have associated consequences that are more severe than possession.

New charges laid against parole absconder

A 42-year-old man from Arizona who was previously charged in a hit-and-run death faced 11 more charges on Aug. 7. The new charges, based in Mohave County, included felony kidnapping, aggravated assault, evading arrest, disorderly conduct with a weapon, endangerment and five counts of weapon misconduct.

The charges stem from a March incident. The man was a passenger in a vehicle and supposedly pointed a gun at the driver so that he could continue to flee from law enforcement. Authorities were unable to successfully catch the passenger at the time of the incident; after searching the vehicle, they reportedly located two guns. Within days, the man reportedly stole another vehicle, and a separate indictment was released for theft. He is now held on a bond of $1 million.

Police take 13 into custody on drug, stolen property charges

Following a seven-month investigation, Arizona police officers searched four locations and took 13 people into custody on the morning of July 30. The investigation began after Gilbert citizens contacted police with allegations that residents in the homes were selling stolen property, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine. Three of the residences are located in Gilbert and one is located in Chandler.

Officers say that they seized several large bales of marijuana and around one dozen allegedly stolen bicycles from two of the homes. One residence had no electricity or water service. Ten people were taken into custody at that location. According to law enforcement officers, search warrants were served on all four residences. The investigation is ongoing, and police are expected to take more individuals into custody.

Arizona man charged after bringing gun into airport

A 54-year-old Arizona man who was accused of pointing an AR15 rifle at individuals who were inside Sky Harbor International Airport was taken into police custody on July 25. According to the report, the alleged incident occurred at Terminal 4 in front of the 'B' gates in the unsecured portion of the airport. When interviewed by the authorities, the man claimed that he had gone to the airport for a cup of coffee.

An officer who was on the scene reported that the man was removing the rifle from his shoulder. In doing so, the muzzle allegedly faced a mother and her 17-year-old daughter. They told officers that they feared for their safety. As a result, the man was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct with a weapon, which is a felony. As part of the conditions of his release, he was told that he could not possess any weapons.

Woman charged following fatal drug-related attempted robbery

Reports say that 22-year-old woman is facing multiple charges following an alleged drug deal that turned into an attempted robbery and murder in Arizona. According to police, the woman and her boyfriend had plotted to rob a man of his marijuana when he arrived at her Phoenix apartment to sell it to the couple. The man allegedly had 50 pounds of marijuana, and police say the couple had convinced him that they planned to buy it for $22,000.

According to reports, the dealer and a woman described as the go-between arrived at the woman's apartment, and the woman's boyfriend emerged from a closet with a gun. Police say that he forced the dealer and the go-between to the ground, but as he was attempting to tie them up, he got into a struggle with the dealer. He was shot in the head while the dealer was shot in the torso, and both men died.

Man detained after Arizona BB gun hostage-taking episode

An alleged burglar has been detained by Pima County deputies in the aftermath of a home robbery gone wrong. The 21-year-old man was allegedly in the process of burgling a home when the homeowner surprised him and took the man's pistol. However, the man was then able to regain control of the situation after the homeowner went outside to contact authorities; the man allegedly discovered a BB gun that resembled an assault rifle inside the home and used it to take the homeowner hostage when he returned inside.

Deputies say that they ordered the man to go to the ground when they arrived. Instead, the man allegedly turned and took aim at one of the deputies, leading to the deputy shooting the man. The man survived and was transported to a hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. He was charged with burglary in the first degree as well as two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.