College is often the place where young people get their first taste of freedom, and unfortunately, where they often run into trouble. Attorney William Foreman’s office is five miles north of Arizona State University, and he has represented many college students who found themselves facing criminal allegations. Attorney Foreman represents college students both at ASU and the University of Arizona in Tucson who found themselves facing criminal charges of all types, including those listed to the right.

At William Foreman, P.C., we understand that there is a great deal at stake for college students charged with crimes. Students face the possibility of losing their scholarships, being expelled from college and even jeopardizing their entire futures. Attorney Foreman aggressively defends students’ rights. He also refers them to people who can help to ensure that they are able to stay in school, keep scholarships and remain on the right path. He also works with parents to secure the best possible results for their college-aged sons and daughters.

Aggressive Defense Against College Student Rape Accusations

Allegations of date rape are a common occurrence on college campuses. However, these cases often present serious doubts as to what actually occurred. Attorney Foreman takes aggressive action to ensure that students’ reputations and futures are not jeopardized by false accusations of date rape.

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Our firm has represented many college-aged youths, and we will do everything possible to minimize the impact these charges will have on your child’s future. If necessary, we can take steps to provide discreet representation as well; this added benefit we offer to clients effectively safeguards the reputations of both children and parents.

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