Commutation & Clemency Proceedings

Individuals convicted for serious criminal offenses in Arizona may face mandatory sentences. As a result, individuals are forced to serve excessive sentences that even the judge may not agree with. William Foreman is a Board Certified criminal law attorney whose perseverance is noted among colleagues and former clients. When a client has received an unjust sentence, he advocates for a reduced-or commutated-sentence through clemency proceedings. Contact our Scottsdale law firm to learn more.

Process for Sentence Commutation

Petitions for sentence commutation are not accepted if you are challenging the conviction in a criminal appeal. In Arizona, commutation of your sentence is typically only granted once you have served some portion of your sentence.

  • The Petition for Clemency or Commutation: William Foreman petitions your case to the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency. If a recommendation is made by the committee and the Arizona Department of Corrections, a clemency hearing will be scheduled.
  • The Clemency Hearing: The Board of Executive Clemency will review all information provided to them and may hear testimony from others regarding the approval or denial of the petition. If the Board determines there is basis to move forward, a second hearing will be scheduled in which you will be interviewed by the Board of Executive Clemency.
  • The Clemency Recommendation: At the conclusion of the hearings, the Board of Executive Clemency will prepare a letter to the Governor recommending whether or not to grant the clemency or commutation.
  • The Governor’s Decision: After reviewing information supplied from the second hearing as well as the letters of recommendation, the governor will make the decision to approve or deny the sentence commutation.

If your petition is granted, the sentence may be significantly reduced or shortened, or it may include time already served that had not been previously credited. If you wish to petition for clemency, work with an experienced Arizona clemency proceedings attorney.

If you have been convicted and are serving an unrealistic minimum mandatory sentence, Scottsdale criminal defense lawyer, William Foreman may be able to assist you. Learn more about how our law firm can help you by contacting us today.