The Internet is a powerful tool that enables people from all across the globe to connect and share information, but some people use the Internet to commit crimes. If you have been accused of cyber crime, William Foreman, P.C., can help. Internet crime, or cyber crime, can take many forms. William Foreman is a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer who has represented clients facing charges in myriad cyber crimes, including:

Examination of the contents of a computer hard drive and client interrogations often reveal complications in an Internet criminal case such as:

  • Whether or not a pornographic image is truly showing a juvenile
  • Whether someone else put the image on the computer
  • Whether the owner of the computer knew the image was on the computer

Our computer forensic experts use many investigative techniques, including EnCase and keystroke analysis to provide information that can challenge a prosecutor’s burden of proof.William Foreman, P.C., also looks to see whether or not the search and seizure of your digital media by government investigators and prosecutors was legally conducted. Attorney Foreman works with a team of forensic analysts that uses sophisticated investigative techniques to gather evidence or challenge evidence, or to determine whether the search and seizure of your computer and its content was performed legally, and will work relentlessly to defend your rights.

Pre-Charge Defense Is the Best Defense

If you suspect that government investigators are gathering evidence against you, do not wait until they charge you. Pre-charging representation can mitigate or even eliminate the charges altogether, and can save you money in attorneys’ fees and costs by working to resolve problems as soon as possible.

Or, if you have already been accused of an Internet-related crime, contact an attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Foreman has successfully defended many people accused of crimes involving the use of the Internet and other types of computer fraud, and has the necessary skills and knowledge to do the same for you.

We Value Your Freedom. Contact William Foreman, P.C.

William Foreman’s office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and serves clients throughout the Phoenix metro area. Contact him to schedule a free consultation by calling 480-941-2700.

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