A “not guilty” verdict on all charges usually ends a criminal case. The prosecution cannot appeal a not guilty verdict once a defendant has been acquitted by a jury. A “guilty” verdict on some or all of the charges, however, does not mean that the case is over.

Defendants who believe that they have been wrongfully convicted of a crime have a number of options, including filing post-trial motions, pursuing an appeal, or filing a petition for post-conviction relief. Mesa post-conviction relief attorney.

William Foreman has over fifteen years of experience handling a variety of post-verdict motions, appeals, and petitions for post-conviction relief including:
  • Appeals in State Courts of Appeal
  • Commutation and Clemency Proceedings
  • Motions for Acquittal
  • Motions for a New Trial
  • Appeals in State Courts of Appea
  • Petitions for Post-Conviction Relief
  • Petitions for Review to State Supreme Courts
  • State Supreme Court Appeals
When facing criminal charges, it is important to hire an Arizona criminal appeals lawyer that has experience in court, as well as the ability to assess the unique characteristics of a case and help design a strategy for winning a case. For further information about post-verdict motions, appeals, or petitions, please contact Attorney William Foreman today.

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