Being arrested for drunk driving, driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious matter. A DUI / DWI conviction in Arizona, and in most other states, carries with it the possibility of serious sanctions.Contact Phoenix DUI attorney, William Foreman, P.C. to discuss the facts of your case. Learn how you may be able to avoid negative consequences such as the following:

  • alcohol assessment and treatment
  • community service
  • criminal record
  • fines and forfeitures
  • increased insurance rates
  • vehicle immobilization or forfeiture
  • job loss
  • mandatory jail or prison sentence
  • probation
  • suspension or loss of driver’s license

In most situations of DUI or DWI, criminal charges are a result in Arizona. Clients of William Foreman, P.C., are assured that their 4th amendment right of freedom from illegal search and seizure will be upheld in cases involving drug possession or alcohol-related charges. By getting in touch with an experienced Scottsdale drunk driving lawyer, you may be able to resolve your situation quickly.

However, a DUI arrest or (DWI arrest) also brings about a civil proceeding against the arrested motorist’s driving privileges in Arizona by the Motor Division of the Arizona Department of Transportation. An MVD license suspension is initiated against an arrested driver when he or she either refuses to submit to breath or blood testing, or fails a breath or blood test.

First Offense DUI in Arizona Usually a Misdemeanor

Have you been arrested for your first DUI in Arizona? Having your first encounter with the law is a scary, and oftentimes, confusing point in your life. You do not, and should not, have to go through the court process by yourself. It is critical to consult with a compassionate and skilled lawyer who has helped numerous individuals through the same situation as yourself. At William Foreman, P.C., you will find a dedicated attorney with more than 25 years of criminal defense experience. Over the years, he has helped defend the rights of numerous Arizonans charged with DUI for their first time.

Arrested For Your First DWI?

Arizona law states that a person is “per se” driving under the influence if his or her BAC is above .08. That means you can exhibit perfect motor skills and still be arrested. Further, you may be cited for a DUI if your alcohol content is below a .08 and the officer has reasonable grounds to believe you are too intoxicated to operate a vehicle. If you have been arrested for drunk driving in the Phoenix area, and this is your first offense, it is critical to obtain advice and advocacy from a lawyer who can act quickly and effectively. The consequences you face are serious and having the right lawyer can help you to mitigate the penalties against you.

Protecting Your Right To Drive

Many people are unaware that when you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, there is a separate administrative hearing held regarding the suspension of your driver’s license. If you have been cited for DUI, it is imperative to speak with a knowledgeable drunk driving defense attorney in Arizona regarding appealing the revocation of your license. If you do not act quickly, you may lose your license for six months or more.

An Experienced Scottsdale Attorney Can Help. Contact Us Today

For a free consultation with Attorney Foreman, contact his Phoenix area DUI defense office at 480-941-2700. It is important to speak with a lawyer before you say anything to the police or the prosecution.

Multiple DUI or DWI Arrests In Arizona

Individuals convicted of committing sex offenses in Arizona are sometimes punished more severely than criminals convicted of murder. Unfortunately, many individuals accused of sex crimes, are innocent. Some people use accusations of child abuse or child molestation as a way to seek retribution following a nasty divorce or a failed child custody battle. If a teenage child is making the accusation of molestation, these statements may be made with intent to manipulate a parent’s new relationship. Do not speak with anyone if you fear you are facing child molestation accusations. Law enforcement officers will attempt to draw out a confession from you during a confrontation call. This call is typically made by an accuser, but is being recorded by the police without your knowledge to be used against you.

How to Protect Your Rights

There are no right answers to the questions that the police will ask you following this call. Do not attempt to answer them without first speaking to an experienced Tempe criminal defense lawyer like William Foreman. We offer a free initial consultation to begin discussing your case, so there’s no obligation for you to get started toward resolving your legal troubles. Child protective services may get involved in your case to determine whether or not the child needs to be removed from the home. We can work with you to protect your child custody or child visitation rights. We also work to craft a criminal defense that can protect your freedom.

You Deserve a Strong Criminal Defense

When a child is interviewed regarding molestation charges, there are rules surrounding how police pose the questions to the child. We often seek to have a statement validity assessment performed by an expert. This expert can help determine if the police interviews were done appropriately. We can also investigate the extent of prior knowledge the child had on the subject matter from prior sexual encounters. If you are convicted of any type of sex offense, your name will be entered on the sex offender registration list. This stigma will continue to follow you throughout your life, making moving and job hunting extremely difficult. Protect your rights against this happening to you. Contact the lawyers at William Foreman, P.C., regarding your case.

Felony DUI Charges in Arizona

Being arrested for drunk or impaired driving in Arizona may dramatically influence your future. At the very least, the DUI arrest will be a massive inconvenience. However, the arrest is merely a minor inconvenience compared to the consequences if you are convicted.

Whether you are facing your first drunk driving arrest in Arizona, misdemeanor charges, extreme DUI or an aggravated DUI, avoiding the brutal penalties the law imposes requires an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney. DUI penalties in Arizona are among the most catastrophic in the nation. If you have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, do not delay: contact William Foreman, P.C., for the aggressive DUI defense you need.

Consequences of Felony DUI Arrests

A DUI Arrest In Scottsdale Or Aggravated Drunk Driving Arrest In Phoenix Carries Significant Penalties

Lawyers and law enforcement officials throughout Arizona know that a DUI arrest and conviction can ruin your life. If you are convicted, you could face one or more of the following consequences:

A DUI Arrest In Scottsdale Or Aggravated Drunk Driving Arrest In Phoenix Carries Significant Penalties

  • Loss of your license for an extended period
  • Days, weeks or months in jail. Prison time for aggravated DUI
  • Thousands of dollars in court costs and fines
  • Mandatory alcohol counseling
  • Loss of your vehicle
  • Interlock device on your car when and if your license and vehicle are returned

These drastic penalties become even more severe if you have prior drunk driving charges on your record. If you are facing multiple DUI offenses, do not wait to consult with a lawyer who knows how to protect your rights.

Contact An Arizona Drunk Driving Lawyer For Aggravated DUI Or Repeat DUI Defense

There is no need to experience these consequences. An experienced Phoenix defense attorney on your side can make the difference between freedom and incarceration. You may be able to have your charges dropped with the right attorney fighting for you. Contact DUI attorney William Foreman at his Scottsdale, AZ office by calling 480-941-2700.

Aggressive police may have pulled you over without justification. There may have been errors in the field sobriety test. Breathalyzer equipment may not have been properly calibrated. Your rights may have been violated in a number of ways. Without a DUI defense attorney on your side, all of these defenses may have gone unnoticed. The low cost of hiring a Scottsdale, Mesa, or Tempe DUI attorney is well worth the investment in your freedom. Without an attorney, you face grave consequences.

The legal authority to impose an MVD suspension against a driver’s license is found in the Arizona implied consent statues, which state that any driver who operates a motor vehicle on Arizona roadways has implicitly consented to provide a specimen of breath or blood if that driver is arrested for DUI / DWI and is provided with the applicable consequences for refusing to submit to testing.

Issues involved in an MVD license suspension include the following:

  • whether the police had reasonable suspicion to stop the driver
  • whether the police had probable cause to arrest the driver
  • whether the police complied with Arizona implied consent law
  • whether the driver refused to provide a specimen of blood or breath or failed a breath or blood test by registering an alcohol concentration of .08 or greater.


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