When you face criminal charges, speaking to the police without a lawyer present is never a good idea. If police have not yet charged you, but you believe that charges are imminent, do not attempt to speak to the police on your own. The law encourages letting an attorney be your voice so your rights are fully protected.

At William Foreman, P.C., we offer pre-charging representation that is effective in mitigating or even eliminating criminal charges before they are filed. Pre-indictment representation is beneficial if you believe the police are investigating you for a crime. You may find a card in your mailbox from the police that says something like, “If you want to avoid problems, call me.”

In truth, the police are not interested in helping you avoid problems. They are looking to obtain enough evidence so that they can charge you and get a pre-Miranda admission of criminal activity.

Counter Investigation

If you have hired a lawyer, the police and prosecutors cannot communicate with you without your lawyer present. Attorney Foreman will stand between you and the state throughout the duration of your case. In addition, he will launch a counter investigation to locate potential witnesses, uncover exculpatory evidence and build a case that proves you did not commit the crime.

We will leave no stone unturned in defending your criminal case.

Pre-charging representation gives you the earliest opportunity to negotiate release conditions. It also reduces the time that the attorney spends on the case, which spares you the cost of additional attorneys’ fees.

Contact Us Before You Are Charged

Avoid arrest by contacting us immediately after you begin to suspect that police are planning to charge you. Discuss your options with pre-charging representation lawyer William Foreman by calling 480-941-2700 for a free consultation.

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