Probation & Community Supervision

Probation is an alternative to initial incarceration that is administered by the Adult Probation Department of each county in Arizona. Criminal defendants who receive probation as a part of their sentence will be able to remain members of their community, often without seeing the inside of a jail cell as long as they follow rules set by the court and enforced by their probation officer. These rules may require them to seek counseling or treatment, participate in community education or perform community service. They will also be required to attend regular meetings with their probation officer. If they break any of these rules they can be sent to prison. The goal of probation includes:

  • Allowing the person to remain in the community to maintain family ties and employment
  • Helping the person to become a productive member of society
  • Protecting the interests of the public through supervision and treatment
  • Providing the person with access to community-based treatment programs

Community supervision is part of the prison sentence that a person receives for certain specific crimes in Arizona. Typically, community supervision will involve serving a percentage of the total sentence within the community. Community supervision allows an inmate to reintegrate into the community and find a job and return to a home.

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