Allegations of sex crimes in Arizona can result in prison time, and they can also cause significant harm to your reputation. Highly experienced criminal defense attorney William Foreman will defend your rights using strategies proven to be successful in sex crimes cases, while maintaining a high level of discretion to minimize the impact that such charges can have on your social standing and reputation.

Defending Child Sex Offense Cases

Attorney Foreman has extensive knowledge and experience of what it takes to successfully defend clients in all types of child sex cases. He is also a recognized expert on current strategies for investigating and defending Internet child pornography cases (see: “The Importance of Thorough Investigation in Internet Child Pornography Cases,” Evidence Discovery in Internet Pornography Cases: Leading Lawyers on Obtaining, Examining, and Refuting Evidence During a Pornography Case (Inside the Minds), Aspatore, 2011).

Additionally, it is necessary to have a lawyer who is highly experienced in successfully defending against this type of extremely serious allegation and who has a strong grasp of evolving investigative technologies.

Pre-Charging Representation

Don’t wait for charges to be filed before taking action; as soon as you believe that police are going to charge you with a sex crime, contact an attorney right away. Attorney Foreman can represent you before you are charged, which gives you the opportunity to launch a counter investigation that could potentially result in a dismissal of your case.

If you have been charged already, avoid speaking to police and contact an attorney as soon as you can. We will do everything possible to secure a favorable outcome for your case.

At the law firm of William Foreman, P.C., we represent clients who have been charged with any type of sex crimes, including (but not limited to) the following:

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Recent Articles: Sex Crimes

Man accused of Phoenix murder may face reduced charges

A 42-year-old man who faced a first-degree murder charge, a capital offense, in relation to a July 2013 incident in Phoenix may face reduced charges. Prosecutors said they were working with the man toward a plea agreement to a second-degree murder charge, which could result in a prison sentence of 10 to 20 years. They indicated that despite the evidence implicating the man in the murder, they were unsure that they could win the case. Surveillance video allegedly showed the 42-year-old man stabbing the 31-year-old outside a residence. The man reportedly told authorities that he and the 31-year-old had been involved in an argument and that he blacked out afterwards. Several people were also recorded leaving the residence, some stepping over the victim who was lying in the driveway. A representative from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office did not offer a specific explanation for why prosecutors opted for a plea arrangement instead of taking the case to court. However, he implied that the attorney’s office felt that an acquittal was possible if the case went to trial. Though prosecuting attorneys may present video allegedly showing an accused person committing a crime, surveillance cameras may not provide clear images of the accused’s face. Defense attorneys are sometimes able to call evidence, even video surveillance, into question, particularly when several people were present at the scene of a crime and when clear images of their clients are not present. In some cases, criminal defense attorneys may be able to convince prosecutors to reduce the charges against their clients, particularly when prosecutors would prefer to avoid taking a case to court. Source:...

18-year-old Arizona man charged in shooting that killed 1

An 18-year-old Arizona man who was accused of being involved in a shooting that left one person dead was taken into police custody on Sept. 3. According to the report, the incident occurred in the parking lot of a Taco Loco Grill located near the intersection of First Avenue and Fort Lowell Road on Aug. 29. Immediately following the shooting, the injured man was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Detectives say that the 18-year-old was responsible for the shooting, though the report did not state why they suspected him. A felony warrant for the man was issued. He was taken into custody following a traffic stop that occurred near the intersection of North Castro and West Kelso without incident on the morning of Sept. 3. At the time the report was released, he remained in custody after being charged with first-degree murder. Those who are charged with a felony may face serious consequences depending upon the type of charge. For example, someone who is facing a murder charge could potentially be sentenced to prison, serve a long probation once they are released from prison and be required to pay expensive fines. In addition, the conviction would also go on the person’s criminal record, which could potentially make it difficult to find appropriate employment or housing later in life. Depending upon the circumstances of the case, an attorney may be able to provide a strong defense for their accused client. For example, if the person was identified in surveillance video, the attorney may be able to prove that their client was misidentified and that they were...

Man detained after multiple thefts at woman’s home

Police have charged a 29-year-old man with the burglary of an Arizona home and say that he may be responsible for at least one other burglary at the residence. The homeowner has been living elsewhere due to a hoarding problem that left the house uninhabitable, and volunteers have been cleaning out and renovating the Maryvale house for her. The first burglary occurred on Aug. 17. In that case, copper piping was taken from the woman’s air conditioning. On Aug. 24, the house was burgled a second time. This time, around $1,000 in personal possessions belonging to the woman were stolen. Following the second incident, police were asked to occasionally patrol the property. On Aug. 26 around 7 a.m., officers allegedly found the man in the backyard with more copper piping. They also claim that he was stealing locks. The man fled, but officers caught him. Police also claim that some evidence that suggests that the man may have been responsible for the Aug. 24 incident. The man has been charged with felony criminal damage, two counts of felony burglary, misdemeanor theft and felony trafficking in stolen property. The felony charges are serious, and the man may wish to work with a defense attorney. An attorney may challenge the evidence as part of the defense. It may also be possible to have the charges dismissed if the police did not read the man his rights or failed to otherwise follow procedure. People who find themselves facing similar charges may wish to consult a criminal defense attorney. After reviewing a person’s entire case, such an attorney may be able to suggest...

New charges laid against parole absconder

A 42-year-old man from Arizona who was previously charged in a hit-and-run death faced 11 more charges on Aug. 7. The new charges, based in Mohave County, included felony kidnapping, aggravated assault, evading arrest, disorderly conduct with a weapon, endangerment and five counts of weapon misconduct. The charges stem from a March incident. The man was a passenger in a vehicle and supposedly pointed a gun at the driver so that he could continue to flee from law enforcement. Authorities were unable to successfully catch the passenger at the time of the incident; after searching the vehicle, they reportedly located two guns. Within days, the man reportedly stole another vehicle, and a separate indictment was released for theft. He is now held on a bond of $1 million. For the hit-and-run case, the man faces charges of second-degree murder, possession of dangerous drugs, two counts of driving while impaired, three counts of criminal damage and possession of drug paraphernalia. Those charges stem from an April 22 incident when the man reportedly drove through a stop sign and hit another vehicle with a 66-year-old woman behind the wheel. She later succumbed from her injuries. At the time, he was reportedly running from an Arizona Department of Public Safety detective and other law enforcement personnel who were attempting to take him into custody for warrants and absconding from parole supervision in 2013 If someone is held on a parole violation at the same time that new charges are pending, they could face back-to-back sentences. The assistance of a criminal defense attorney may be vital to ensure that a defendant receives the...

Woman charged following fatal drug-related attempted robbery

Reports say that 22-year-old woman is facing multiple charges following an alleged drug deal that turned into an attempted robbery and murder in Arizona. According to police, the woman and her boyfriend had plotted to rob a man of his marijuana when he arrived at her Phoenix apartment to sell it to the couple. The man allegedly had 50 pounds of marijuana, and police say the couple had convinced him that they planned to buy it for $22,000. According to reports, the dealer and a woman described as the go-between arrived at the woman’s apartment, and the woman’s boyfriend emerged from a closet with a gun. Police say that he forced the dealer and the go-between to the ground, but as he was attempting to tie them up, he got into a struggle with the dealer. He was shot in the head while the dealer was shot in the torso, and both men died. Police then allege that the woman fled, and that she said she returned later to remove the guns and marijuana and clean the scene. She has been charged with kidnapping, tampering with physical evidence, first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and armed robbery. Despite facing multiple felony charges, a person may have several avenues of defense available. For example, a person facing a charge of first-degree murder might argue that the murder was an accident or that they did not actually commit the act. An attorney could also cast doubt on the conclusions of the investigation. It may be possible that a suspect was not informed of a third party’s plans. Source:, “Phoenix...

Man accused of robbing Arizona GameStop identified

Police took a 41-year-old man accused of robbing a GameStop in Gilbert into police custody on May 30, authorities reported. Police also suspect that the man was involved in another GameStop robbery in Glendale, reportedly. The alleged robbery of the Gilbert store took place at approximately 11:30 a.m. on May 24. Police claim the 41-year-old man was armed with a gun during the robbery. On May 29, police released to the public surveillance video and photos purportedly related to the robbery. Multiple tips from the public helped police identify and detain the 41-year-old man the next day, according to police. While it was not immediately clear what specific charges the man in this case is facing, it is nonetheless paramount for people in similar legal situations to retain the counsel of a criminal defense attorney. Police are often under tremendous pressure to solve crimes as serious as armed robbery without delay, and sometimes this results in false accusations. Furthermore, prosecutors carrying the power of the state may exacerbate the matter by pursuing the mistaken charges with specious evidence. A person wrongly accused in this manner may be made to feel dwarfed and impotent by the legal system. The defense attorney might help level the playing field, as the saying goes. Not only may the attorney question witnesses, uncover evidence and work with forensic specialists to counter the police’s work, but so too may the lawyer scrutinize the prosecution’s case for inaccuracies, contradictions and contamination. If the evidence constituting the charges proves to be untenable, the attorney may argue for the case to be dismissed outright. Source:, “Man sought...