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Thank you for being a caring person, an exceptional lawyer, and a wonderful friend. I really appreciate everything you have done for me on my case. I really feel that you’re in my corner 100% and I’m very grateful for that. Maybe we’ll see each other in another place and time on different circumstances. Thanks for Everything.

Matthew M.

Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have for all that you have done on behalf of my brother Harry. You are a man of your word, so please accept my heartfelt thanks for everything! Carol H.

Thank you for your help and services. You are very wise and have a lot of class. I sincerely thank you for all of your help including my medical awareness issue. Receiving counsel from you was a blessing. Thank you for your wise counsel. Scott G.

Thank you so much for being there for me and my family. Our family has been ripped apart and it’s hard to hold on sometimes. Thank you or your protection. you are like the underdog to fight for justice. My mother always told me I was this way. i will fight to no end when I believe in something. You are above and beyond your job – I felt I had a friend sent from God who truly cared about me and my family in the courtroom. Only God knows why things happen the way they do. our family has been hit so hard, but we are together and they’re many, many people worse off than us, but we have each other and we have God no matter what (Blessed are We). God Bless you and yours for many generations. your family must be proud of you! Love the ********** family

Thank you for the lovely plant you sent me during my time of difficulty. You all made my day! I never thought I would have to go through something like this after going through what we did with Bill [Foreman]. I truly thank him for saving me. I now find myself praying again for yet another favor and perhaps 2. One of them involves your firm. Thank you again for the plant and may you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hector A.

I told you, you were my angel here on Earth. I know Tom is far from being cleared of all this mess, but I truly believe if anyone can help him, it is you. Again, thank you for always keeping me informed and giving me hope. Kathy

No matter what happens to me, always know that I have grown to respect and admire you. Thank you for your guidance, professionalism and compassion for my case. I will always be grateful to you. Blessings to you & your family. Diana

I just wanted to write you a brief note of thanks to you for all you did for K*** and myself. Your first words of advice to me I’m sure are and will always be a lesson of wisdom that I followed. And that was my silence. For this I thank you and all the help with K*** you’ve done. Also, if you ever need anything that I may help you with. Anything Bill! All you’ve got to do is ask. I’d be honored! Any ways, I just wanted to express from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!

Deborah C.

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Much of the credit for the favorable result we achieved for our client in State v. ***** goes to the outstanding efforts of William Foreman, as the second chair in the case. As lead counsel, it was my pleasure to have the able assistance of Mr. Foreman during the course of this trial.

Judge B***** gave counsel for both sides the opportunity to engage in Voir Dire. I conducted the Voir Dire for the defense. The crucial assistance of Mr. Foreman enabled us to select the type of jury necessary in a case such as this.

Mr. Foreman was given direct responsibility for carrying that portion of the trial that dealt with the issues arising out of those counts in the indictment that concerned the victim by the name of **** *******. Mr. Foreman did not falter in his effort. For example, his skills on cross-examination were particularly evident as he questioned the doctor who had examined ****. Through his cross-examination Mr. Foreman conveyed to the jury that the physical examination of **** ******* was at best inconclusive and that the doctor was biased. In this case, Mr. Foreman had the opportunity to conduct direct examination of ********* ****, a friend of **** *******. That examination of Ms. **** was instrumental in obtaining acquittals as to five of the eight counts involving that victim.

As with many trials, there were issues that developed during the course of this trial that we had to deal with as they developed. For example, there was one witness who flew in from Missouri to testify for the State. Despite a long day of trial, Mr. Foreman readily volunteered to interview that witness and prepare for cross-examination of that witness the following day.

Mr. Foreman also prepared a pleading that was filed objecting to the State’s use of the so called “Child Sex Abuse Accommodation Syndrome” to explain why the victims in this case did not disclose the alleged activity of our client at an earlier date. That pleading outlines the issue for purposes of a new trial or appeal.

Mr. Foreman is an outstanding team player. I would hope to have the opportunity in the future to try another case with Mr. Foreman. He was a great asset to Mr. *****’s defense both during trial and in terms of preserving appellate issues in the case.

Larry G.

Dear Bill,

This letter serves two purposes, and I feel they’re both very important. The first purpose would be to thank and praise you for giving me my life back. When I first came to your office I felt as though my life was over. I knew that I shouldn’t have been charged and that the police had arrested the wrong man.

The second purpose is to tell any perspective or new clients just how goo d you are at what you do for a living. I have to admit that I didn’t feel there was any hope for me because of the way the police mishandled my situation from the beginning. For any perspective or new client, I was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (Firearm), which carries a mandatory minimum of 5-15 years in prison.

I wish to shout the following from the rooftops, “William Foreman Saved My Life!” I was not asked, nor coerced to write this letter. Whoever you are, know this, he’s not just good, he’s damn good and you’re in the right place. Trust this man and listen to what he tells you, and I promise you that he will achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. Bill is an honest and ethical man who may not look like your stereotypical slick attorney however, he’s your guide through hell, and he knows his way around. People who want to climb Everest, hirea Sherpa because they know what they are doing, it’s their world. You’re now in Sherpa Bills hands and if you haven’t signed the agreement, with all due respect, you’re a fool, and will probably not get the best deal possible.

I had a lot to lose, and you can’t put a price on your freedom or reputation. I give William Foreman permission to display this letter on his wall, or to show this letter to any perspective client or new client. I also give him permission to talk about my case openly with anyone he so chooses. Just remember, you’re not smarter then Bill when it comes to your situation. Keep your mouth shut, your ears and eyes open, and know that you get what you pay for. My case tooka year, good luck with yours, you’re in good hands. I will never forget what you did for me.

God Bless you William Foreman. Signed O.K.W