Are You Under Investigation?

  • Have you received a phone call or phone message from the police?
  • Did you find a detective’s business card on your front door or in your mailbox?
  • Has your bank account been frozen or your personal property seized by the government?
  • Has someone threatened to call the police or file a criminal complaint against you?
  • Was a search warrant executed at your home or business?
  • Has a friend or business associate been arrested?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you need to STOP! what you’re doing and act now! DO NOT return that call without first consulting with an experienced, Board Certified criminal defense attorney.

Many criminal investigations are only completed after the person under investigation makes the mistake of trying to talk their way out of trouble by communicating with the police without the help of a good lawyer. If you have reason to believe you may soon face criminal investigation for felony or misdemeanor charges or that you are the target or subject of a grand jury investigation call Phoenix criminal defense lawyer William Foreman to schedule a free initial consultation.

Experienced Defense Lawyer for Arizona Criminal Investigations

William Foreman knows that the best opportunity to stop a potential criminal prosecution is before it starts. In some situations, a criminal attorney can convince police or prosecutors to dismiss a case. Many clients of William Foreman, P.C., have had cases resolved before criminal charges were filed as a result of Attorney Foreman’s aggressive pre-charging representation.

If you are contacted by a law enforcement agency, you are strongly advised to contact Arizona criminal attorney William Foreman before talking to the police. Attorney Foreman offers pre-criminal charge clients high-quality personal service and hands-on, experienced advocacy.

Government agents such as police and prosecutors have significant resources to bring to bear in a criminal investigation. The playing field is leveled for clients of William Foreman. He earns their trust as he looks for solutions such as the following for people targeted by potential criminal charges:

  • complete avoidance of criminal charges
  • exploration of all options for avoiding a particular penalty such as a fine or jail time
  • earliest opportunity to begin counter-investigation
  • earliest opportunity to negotiate release conditions
  • efficient pre-charging representation which limits attorney time, saving the expense of further attorneys’ fees

If you have been contacted by the police and believe that you may be the target of a criminal investigation, contact William Foreman and let him speak on your behalf.